So here’s what happened…

I’ve always loved food and filling people’s belly with unique, tasty cuisine. I was working as a cook at the Old Navy Café and started to think about what I wanted to do next. So I packed my bags and left San Francisco in 2016. I went to find the flavors and cultures that have always inspired me. So I set off on a three month journey through Thailand and Cambodia. And to say the least, this trip was a game changer. I came back with a whole new view and vision of how I am going to share what I learned with the culinary world. It started with handmade lunch bento-style boxes. Where it goes next, who knows, but I’m ready to rock!

How did I come up with the name MadSky? When I first started working in the kitchen, people would always ask me if I was “mad.” I found this hilarious! I guess my focused craziness come off as a Mad! As time went by, the word stuck with me. The other part of MADSKY?  I was sitting on a rooftop with my sister and she told me that my childhood nickname, NAPHA, means Sky in English….

And, boom…MadSky!